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Laura is accepting… 

* Limited Number of Weddings

* Up to 5 Members of the Bridal Party (including the Bride)

* By Referral Only

 Bridal Inquiry PDF

Makeup Artist Referral

Please Contact Heidi Hansen of Cauldron Beauty for bridal makeup inquiries... (310) 351-4588

Heidi Hansen

Owner of Cauldron Beauty

Licensed Esthetician

Professional Makeup Artist


Get to Know Heidi...

Midwest based makeup artist Heidi Hansen has been working in the industry since 2018, but has been honing her skills as an artist for some time.

In her early formative years she pursued a degree in art history and photography. After attending college in Minneapolis, Minnesota she lived in Los Angeles, California and worked primarily as a photo and styling assistant.

Upon returning to the Midwest, she received her training in esthetics and is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist.

She has a passionate interest in caring for skin and is very knowledgeable regarding skincare practices and products. 

She continually educates herself on trends and innovations within the skincare and makeup industry. Her love for rich storytelling, dramatic mystery, and unique beauty shines through in her artistry. 

Hair Stylist Referrals

Jessica Breitling:

(605) 595-3819

[email protected] 

Shena Shoemaker:

Instagram DM: Shena.rainnsalon

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Michaela Cate:

Instagram DM: _vivacitystudio

(507) 822-4288